It’s Almost Time

In exactly 24 hours I will be sitting at my gate waiting to board my plane to Dublin.

It is so crazy to think that just four months ago I was thinking about booking my return trip to Ireland and comparing airfare costs and travel dates…and now I am almost done packing my bags. This still doesn’t feel real to me…maybe once I’m on the plane it will? Or maybe when I land? Who knows.

This past week has been a little stressful with all of the last minute errands, extra work shifts, homework assignments for class and what not. I’ve had to actively remind myself to stop…breathe…breathe again…and know that it will all be fine, because it always is. People have been asking me all week, “Are you excited?! Are you ready?!” And I would absentmindedly respond, “Yeah, super excited!,” and then continue with my tasks at hand.

But today, I took the time to just reflect. To truly be present and wrap my mind around the fact that I have worked for this, that I will be gallivanting around Europe for 17 days on my own and I am truly truly excited. Like butterflies in my stomach excited. Like my heart is racing excited! But as I finalize my packing and have nothing else to do, I realize that I have a little too much time on my hands and my mind is beginning to wander…I started thinking about all of the things that could possible go wrong. I was actually getting nauseous just thinking about it, all of these “what if’s” running through my head.

Sure, it is absolutely normal to be nervous before your first solo trip abroad, but I am not going to let these worries get the best of me.

My final words of encouragement to my pre-EuroTrip self:

You can do this. Your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to live it up! GO LIVE! This is going to be such an exciting time in your life, so make every moment count. Be open and choose happiness. Meet new people but also be careful, just don’t be an idiot (you’re smart, though, I’m not worried). Let the unknown excite you and go follow your heart. You are ready.