My Favorite Type of Love: SELF-LOVE

It’s true! I love it!

Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to slow down and take it easy. This is my little reminder to you all to spend a little more time on yourself, for yourself, to cultivate some peace of mind and relaxation. Because in order to love others, we need to truly love ourselves first.

Here are some things that you can try this week!

list the reasons that you’re AWESOME

Are you super good at something?  What are you a f**king BOSS at? Has someone recently given you a compliment that you took to heart? WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN.

Here’s an example that I wrote for myself: I am always ready to help my friends in need. I’m really good at organizing things. I make people laugh sometimes. I have a great smile! I’m really good at taking charge of situations. I get shit DONE!

Share your Gratitude

I often find that when I let others know how grateful I am for them, or how much they mean to me, it then makes me feel 10x better. So share your love! Think of three people in your life that mean a lot to you. Now go text them and tell them something from your heart! It will be such a nice little surprise for them and I guarantee you’ll feel a little more warm and fuzzy inside, too.

You’re Worth It  *queue Fifth Harmony*


See something on the shelf you like? … Well guess what? You’re worth it.

Ok so I’m not talking about big digit purchases, I’m talking about something small that caught your eye and that would bring a little joy into your life.

A new candle that would make your apartment feel like home
That yummy body scrub you’ve been thinking about
Fresh flowers from your corner market because they’re just so damn beautiful
Anything from TJ Maxx because it’s all so budget-friendly and uh-mazing (shoutout to all my Maxxinistas out there)

Rise and Shine

And seize the day! Try some small stretches in the morning to get your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up. I like to do child’s pose and then some cat/cows before I get out of bed in the morning.

Make time for a morning routine

For me, there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed in the morning and running out the door.  Your morning sets the tone for your entire day, so take it easy! I like try to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning so that I can do my stretches, make my coffee, and sit in my living room while my candle burns and the sun rises. It is so calming and my body appreciates the slow wake-up.

QUOTES are my everything

I have a section in my journal exclusively for quotes I come across that really resonate with me. That way, when I’m in need of some inspiration or healthy reminders, I can flip to the copious pages of inspirational quotes that I have. I read through them before big meetings or interviews and they always put a smile on my face and fill me with confidence.


Bubbles tend to be a great de-stressor.  Maybe that’s a bath, maybe it’s some prosecco…maybe it’s some prosecco while taking a bath. Holy shit why haven’t I done that yet.

Forget your To-Do list

*GASP* To my fellow Type-A’s, I’m looking at you. Yup. Sometimes you just gotta say f**k it and do something else. I mean, like, don’t forget to pay your bills but maybe you can run that other errand another day.


This is one of my Personal Commandments and it is one of my favorites. There is nothing quite like turning up the music and dancing around your living room à la Cristina and Meredith (for all my Grey’s Anatomy fans).  So go find a fun playlist on Spotify or play your favorite throwback songs and just let loose.

Fuel your body

Make a little more effort to fuel your body with nutrition and hydrate! Truthfully, I am so bad at this one. I’m just so lazy sometimes and just need something quick and easy, but then I feel like crap afterwards. So opt for some greens and lots of water!

Go MOVE! Take that dance class you’ve been thinking about, or the yoga class your body has been craving. Or keep it simple and go for a walk! My go-to’s are classes at Alvin Ailey or YogaWorks here in New York City. My favorite? Cardio Kickboxing at New York Sports Club.

Put it on paper

Getting thoughts and feelings off your chest is a great way to create more space within for positivity and creativity. Sometimes when I can’t stop stressing about something I know that I need to write it down in my journal and keep it there instead of in my head. Then I can create an action plan on how to overcome that stress or see what steps I need to take  in order to move past it.

Read a book!

This past year has been all about exploration for me: exploring my curiosities, exploring the world, exploring book shelves! Here is my book recommendation list if you need some suggestions and to my friends in NYC: let me know if you’d like to borrow one! But go read something you’re curious about! Cooking? Anatomy? Spirituality? Finance?


I haven’t been doing it lately, but I love my zen mandala coloring book… I think I’m going to start that back up again. It really calms me down and let’s me tap into my creative side when I’ve been feeling stuck.

I hope that some of these can be of benefit to you! But always remember how amazing you are and be sure to carve out some you-time…you deserve it.

Sending you all of my love and good vibes!



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