Why I Don’t Hate Valentine’s Day Anymore

I think I’ve maybe had one legit “Valentine” in my life, and like, a secret admirer in middle school who left flowers in my locker. I’ve never had one of those romantic dinners by candle light with roses and wine and whatever other crap we see in the movies or on our Instagram feeds. However, I do miss picking out my foil Valentine’s Day cards at Target and writing all of my elementary school classmates’ names on them. Remember taping little wrapped candies to those bad boys? I LOVED THAT SHIT.

I actually used to hate Valentine’s Day. Just really didn’t like it.  I was bitter and felt embarrassingly single compared to everyone else, even though most people I know were in the same boat as me. My mindset was: Valentine’s Day is for couples and I am not a part of a couple so today is not for me. WRONG. So a few years ago I finally decided that I was tired of feeling sad about it. So I changed my mindset and have turned it into a day to give all of the love to myself and my friends…which is basically just another normal day for me, hah!

Here are some ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day this year (if you don’t already have romantic dinner plans):

V Day falls on a Wednesday this year, so depending on your work schedule, set a morning breakfast date with a friend! Brunch is ideal, but I’ll take what I can get.

Buy YOURSELF some flowers! I love buying flowers for myself no matter what day it is, but why wait for someone else to buy them for you?

Self Love is an art form and something we should practice daily, but we should love ourselves a little extra on Valentine’s Day! Any and all of the following are welcome:
– Play some music and dance around your room as you get ready for the day
– Pamper yourself and schedule a nail appointment/massage (GROUPON HAS SOME AMAZING DEALS)
– Go buy that new shirt or pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing
– Write yourself a love letter (I totally did this last year and I love coming back to read it occasionally)
– Start or end your day with a bubble bath or, if you don’t have a tub, an essential oil shower!

Get all dolled up FOR YOU! And this doesn’t mean you have to get all fancy. Maybe you want to curl your hair, or try something new with your make up, or throw on a pair of dangly earrings. Whatever it means for you!

Invite your friends over and cook dinner for each other! Open up a bottle of wine and watch a movie with dessert.

Hell! Make romantic dinner reservations with a friend! Or go to a fancy cocktail bar! Or a regular bar! Why not! So many exclamation points! You’re not being exiled to your home just because you’re single on a Wednesday that just happens to be Valentine’s Day.


Moral of the story: This day is for you. Every day is for you. So spend it however you’d like. My only hope is that you love yourself and those around you, always.

Oh and I hope you snag some discounted chocolates, too.