Brooklyn Art Adventure: Dream Machine

Wow this post is long overdue, but better late than never, right?!

My best friend Justice and I went on a Brooklyn adventure a few weekends back to the interactive Dream Machine experience and it was so fun! I can always count on her to find all of the cool art events to go to, she just tells me when we’re going and we buy our tickets!

Similar to the 29 Rooms event that we went to last fall, this one was also full of different rooms to go in, but was a lot shorter and wasn’t as jam packed. Way less hectic. The event space was a lot smaller, though, so you were constantly next to other people which sometimes made it hard to get that perfect shot you wanted, but we made friends who took our photos together after we took theirs, it was lovely.

Getting there: Just take the L to Bedford Ave and it’s a short walk from there!

Tips for taking photos at art installations at the bottom of this post!

Here’s a photo recap of our day!

This room was full of balloons and bubble machines! I wish I could insert Boomerang videos into these blog posts because it was a bubble wonderland!

If there is a mylar curtain, I am 100% on board. Shiny things make me happy.

I also forgot how fun (and dirty) ball pits are, and I was honestly a little hesitant to dive in and swim around in them… but I’m so glad I did because IT WAS SO FUN!

A few other rooms are not pictured because we mostly took boomerangs in them, hah! I will have to do a video tour of our next installation excursion!


  • Check out Insta first. A lot of art installations like this will have an Instagram account that you can scroll through prior to arriving. Justice and I like to see what the installations look like ahead of time, that way when get there, we already know what kind of photo we want to take and get it done quickly so then we can just enjoy the experience.
  • Lead the pack!!! I can’t recommend this enough. I always position myself at the front of groups so that when you enter the next empty room, you can run to the part of the installation that you want a photo at and not have people crowding your shots and then they have to wait for you to finish.
  • Offer to help others. It’s extremely helpful (and just kind) to help other people take photos with each other. 95% of the time they offer to take a photo of you and your friend in return.

Until next time!

Have you been to any cool art installations??


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