Livin’ Life // June 2018

Alright, I’m going to try and start a new “Livin’ Life” series where I re-cap each month (each week seems a little too ambitious and I certainly don’t have enough of a social life to do so) and the things that I do, people I meet, and what I’m looking forward to in the month to come. I love C’est Christine’s “Of The Moment” posts that she does every Friday and Danielle Moss’ “Life Lately” posts, so this will be an amateur version of those.

June 2018

So here we are! June has basically flown by, as has every other month this year… funny how that always happens, huh? This past month was full of Stanley Cup games, friend dates, and even a weekend getaway!


My dad spontaneously flew me home for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals because our Vegas Golden Knights have kicked ASS in their first year as an expansion team and MADE IT HAPPEN! The city of Las Vegas has rallied behind our boys since day one so it was really amazing to be there for a Cup game and I made sure to watch every other game on TV here in the city.

Mid month, I went and celebrated Inspiring Capital‘s 5 year Anniversary with my friend Abby! This company is bad ass, just like it’s Founder & CEO Nell Derick Debevoise.  They “aim to help individuals, organizations, and employers align their skills, interests, and needs with the needs of their communities and the world, to do work that really matters.” These events are always full of amazing people who want to do good in the world and I always leave feeling refreshed and *inspired*.

My friend Maryn and I escaped the city for a weekend getaway to Long Beach Island, New Jersey! My client so kindly offered us a room at his place for the weekend and we spent two days walking the beach, cooking meals together, and laughing ‘until we cried (No really, I actually cried one night).

I’m a member of The Badassery, founded by my amazing friend Abby Raphel, and she co-hosted a summer loft gathering in Brooklyn to connect amazing ladies. Health coach, Whitney Johnson,  led us through a meditation and visualization and we spoke a bit about the Divine Feminine but mostly just bonded and laughed all night.

And closing out the month was a Sam Smith concert at MSG with Justice! I asked for tickets last year for my birthday and it’s FINALLY HERE, hah!


My fellow HBIC, Zoë Briggs, and I enjoyed a lady date at Senza Gluten in Greenwich Village. It was SO DELICIOUS and lovely.  Although it’s important to note that they only accept cash or American Express…kind of annoying, but the food was incredible so it was worth it. Can’t believe it was all GF!

My best friend Jenny spent her last weekend in  NYC with me at a rooftop lunch on the UES followed by cocktails at The Honeywell in Harlem and it was so special to me. I definitely started crying at lunch telling her how much I am going to miss her, but it was National Rosé Day so I was already half a bottle in.

I met up with my Irish lads, Louis and Cillian, who I met in Dublin almost three years ago (!!!) during study abroad at The Gaiety School of Acting. Louis is acting and writing in Europe and Cillian just moved to the US to be with his wife! We sipped on frosé under the twinkle lights at Jue Lan Club near my office and it was perfect.

Had delicious brunch and mimosas with my friends Ben and Jemma at Harlem Public.  We met at theatre camp when we were 17 and now we’re (mostly) all grown up and we had such a great time catching up! Fun fact: Jemma has been living/working/studying in Australia the last two years and she’s constantly surrounded by gorgeous Aussie men and I’m not sure where I’m going with this thought, but obviously we’re all jealous of her.

On The Horizon

I am so excited to be heading back home to Las Vegas for the 4th of July holiday. Mom and Dad and I will be relaxing poolside and maybe even sneaking a hike in at Mt. Charleston…or maybe we’ll just be poolside all weekend.

See you next month!


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