Livin’ Life // July 2018

JULY 2018

July was dope, you guys!! Ew I can’t believe I just said dope, but I feel like I always say “amazing” or “incredible” so anyways…July was REALLY AWESOME. I started out the month back home in sunny Las Vegas for some poolside relaxation, puppy snuggles, and quality time with Mom and Dad and my sis, Kristina! Here’s what I was up to this month!

This is my best friend/little sis/harmonizing buddy/life partner, Kristina.


I officially started personal training sessions this month! I’m a member of NYSC here in the city and hired a personal trainer to kick my a** into high gear for the next three months, so I’m really excited to step it up with my workouts and clean eating regimen. I’ve always been in pretty good shape and stayed highly active my whole life, but there’s something about having a coach that keeps me motivated and holds me accountable.  I think I’ll work on a blog post about the GNC products that I have been loving!


Working at a talent agency means that I get to go see our clients in their shows, and every once in a while I get to go to their Opening Night and after party, which is always a good time! This month we saw our client, Elliot, in MARY PAGE MARLOWE and we had a wonderful evening watching him walk the press line, meeting his cast-mates, and just hearing about the whole rehearsal process.

And half way through the month, I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my girlfriends at MetLife Stadium and we had a BLAST! Even when it started down-pouring on us, we still had a good time…although getting back to the city afterwards was a commute from hell, so I don’t think I’ll be going back to the stadium any time soon…like, never again.


My Vegas friend, Matt, is working up at West Point all summer so he came into the city for a little weekend getaway. We wined, we dined, we conquered. I even beat his ass at Mega Jenga down at At The Wallace, but I think he’s still bitter about it. We walked to The Uptown Garrison in my neighborhood to get some delicious pizzas and split a bottle of wine and it did not disappoint. There are so many cute restaurants up there that I want to keep trying! Next door is Saggio which I also highly recommend for pastas and cocktails!

I said goodbye to my friend, Amanda, who is moving to LA LA LAND to go to make up school and live her best life out on the West Coast (Best Coast). It was so wonderful to see her one last time and to also reconnect with my college friends who I hadn’t seen in years. Check out her website and make up instagram! I am so excited to see what she does!

Justice and I went to the Rosé Mansion and had so much fun frolicking through all of the cute pop up rooms and wine tasting our way through! I definitely recommend going before it closes in October.

Beach Weekend Getaway ROUND 2! I made a return trip to Long Beach Island, New Jersey to hang by the ocean, celebrate my client’s birthday, and relax with my best friend! It was so peaceful, I forget how therapeutic the ocean is.

On The Horizon

I am super excited for August because the only thing I have planned is a girls weekend in Hudson Valley, which is so exciting because normally I have a million things pre-scheduled…this will be good for me, hah.



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