Rosé Mansion // New York City

Blush pinks and gold, bright white light, and green leafy plants set the scene of New York City’s first ever Rosé Mansion…aka my dream home and that was just the LOBBY! This new immersive pop up, situated on 39th and 5th Ave, was everything I had hoped for and more! Justice and I wandered rooms and rooms of amazing photo ops, rosé tastings at every corner, and we didn’t feel rushed for time at all. I can’t recommend this enough!

Quick Facts

Tickets: $35 – $45 depending on day and time

Duration: It took us just under 2.5 hours to complete the whole experience and we went on a Sunday at 4pm.

Wine Tasting: You get a complementary plastic stemless wine glass to take with you throughout the mansion, don’t lose it though because they won’t replace it! They also give you a comprehensive summary of the types of wine you are tasting, but I wish I wrote some of them down or taken a picture of the bottles. There is a bar on the ground floor where you can buy your favorites after the mansion if you’d like and you even get a small discount on purchases! And don’t forget your ID, you will get carded at the door!

Budget/Time hack: Skip the ticket and photo lines and just enjoy a drink or two in the cute lobby bar. Plenty of photo ops down there and some photo booths, too!

Overall Experience: 9/10

Snapshots from Rosé Heaven

Upon entering this gorg lobby, I turned to Justice and said, “I want to live here.”

Me as as travel agent.

At the blending lab, you get a sheet of paper with a bunch of different check boxes and you get to customize your own rose flavor!


This is what I called the Ball Hall, but I think it was called Tunnel of Grapes or something. We waited about 15 minutes for this tunnel to (mostly) clear of people, hah! That is an unfortunate downside of these pop ups…waiting a while to (hopefully) get the shot you want!


I was trying so hard to figure out how to pose in this bathtub because like, I never pose in bathtubs??? And apparently there was a 45 second timer going for every person, even though they didn’t tell us about the timer. So I sat in the tub for an extra 15 seconds and am pretty happy with this ridiculous tub pose.


Justice and I felt like the ultimate Rosé Baes! Get your tickets now, closes October 7!
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