29 Rooms… Again!

Another day another art adventure! Last year, Justice and I went to our first ever experience of 29 Rooms. We had so much fun that we immediately booked our tickets during pre-sale for this year’s event! Last Saturday we trekked out to Brooklyn and had an absolute blast roaming the art-filled warehouse.

This event is sold out so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next year!


$40 / ticket
In NY for two weeks only (usually in September)
29 Rooms of collaborative art to walk through, experience, take pictures of, learn about
3-hour window and you WILL NOT see all 29Rooms, trust me!
No coat check
Bathroom Trailers
Food Trucks and Sitting Areas Outside

** Pro tip: Plan your rooms out ahead of time! Scroll through the IG photos on their account and see what rooms are there.. then choose your top priority rooms! Go there first and knock them out! ALSO.. while you’re waiting in line, tell your friend what kind of photo you want in order to be more efficient (angle / photo or boomerang / etc.) **

Limited Snapshots of our day!

** Better coverage of this in my Instagram stories! NYC highlight! **

At these Reese’s pop up, we got free blondies and brownies afterwards! I put a dollop of Reese’s whipped peanut butter on top of mine! Um YUM!

“A Long Line of Queendom” in collaboration with UNBOTHERED — Celebrating Black excellence, beauty, and achievement.

“The Full Picture” in collaboration with SHATTERBOX and TNT — Shatterbox is a groundbreaking new series by Refinery29 and TNT that empowers female storytellers both in front and behind the camera to show us how they see the world. Their way.

“Know Your Rights” in collaboration with ACLU — This interactive room had a massive spinning wheel that would teach you more about your fundamental rights.

“Reality Rendered” in collaboration with MAGENTA FIELD — Pardon this blurry IG photo! This room played with shifting landscape by disrupting and distorting our perceptions using reflective 3D shapes and changing lights. Loved this one!

I honestly don’t know what this room is, we didn’t go in because we had higher priority rooms to hit! But still looks fun! I think this was a skincare room….?

“Love Letter To The World” in collaboration with COCOVAN — If you could write a love letter to the world, what would you say? Performance artist Cocovan invites you to do just that. Thousands of people form 115 countries around the globe have contributed to this World Letter so far.

“You Are Magic” in collaboration with HOODWITCH — Our spirit is the essence of who we are. Magic is everywhere and it is available to all of us. Explore this enchanted crystal cave where The Hoodwitch will guide you to awaken the deepest part of yourself and tap into your own inner magic. Because now more than ever, the universe needs your beacon of light, so have no fear in shining bright. @thehoodwitch

This was my second favorite room of the day, it was so peaceful and calming and I vibed with it hard. My ULTIMATE favorite room was the House of Yes room, not pictured because our phones were away so we could enjoy dancing in the moment!

I feel like last year’s rooms were a *little* more creative and fun, but this year’s were certainly exciting as well! Always a fun time spending the day with your best friend, taking photos, laughing a lot, and having a good old time!

Definitely going again next year!


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