3rd Annual Harvest Outing!

I don’t know when my obsession with October and all things Fall consumed me, but over the last few years I have gone full on CRAZY for the harvest season. There’s just something about apple cinnamon candles, pumpkin patches, cider doughnuts, scarves, boots, and sweaters that make me ridiculously happy. Oh and Hocus Pocus. Can’t forget Hocus Pocus.

So every year, my girlfriends and I plan a little day trip out of the city to go gallivant around pumpkin patches and apple orchards and be basic AF and we always have a wonderful time (duh). This is our third year doing this, and we decided to go back to Harvest Moon & Outhouse Orchards where it all began!

If you want to take a look at our previous visits, here is 2016 (at Harvest Moon) with video, and 2017 (at Wilken’s Fruit & Fir)!

Getting There

The main thing that I love about Harvest Moon & Outhouse Orchards is that they are so easy to get to, and the two properties are across the street from one another!

Take the Metro North from Grand Central or E. 125th Street to Croton Falls, and be sure to be in one of the first four cars. An off-peak round trip ticket is $28.

Once you arrive, exit the train and go down to street level where there are taxi vans that will shuttle you to the orchards for $5 per person.

This year, we had a CAR!! Thanks, Caitlyn! There is free on site parking for those of you with cars.

Trip Tips

What to bring: CASH.  I brought about $40 with me to the orchard and I spent most if not all of it on food/drink/activities.
What to wear: You will be walking through dusty dirt and occasionally some mud (we absolutely destroyed our shoes) so be mindful about footwear.
Quick Prices: Corn Maze $10 each — Cider Donuts $5 for a half dozen — Apple Cannon $6 for a small basket –Hardscrabble Cider $8 pint — Lunch will be anywhere from $6 – $18 depending on what you get

Snapshots from our day

We propped my iPhone up into the tree branches here so that we could do a self timer group photo…because we are RESOURCEFUL!

And here is the CUTEST result! Not bad!

Me… Exhausted in the corn maze and ready for a nap… What’s new?

What other orchards should I visit next year?!


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