Livin Life // November 2018

November was jam-packed with friends, family, and FUN! Here’s what I got into x

Work Events! I went and saw my client, Andrew Chappelle, in Hamilton again and it was STILL AS AMAZING AS THE FIRST TIME I SAW IT. Honestly… I’ll probably see it another two times at least, let’s be real. He is just so incredible and I love seeing his work!

My First Rangers Game! You know I love hockey so I was ECSTATIC to be able to go to my first NY Rangers game this month. Obvi repped my home team, though… GO KNIGHTS GO!

Purpose Workshop! My dear friend and colleague, Abby Raphel, hosted a workshop on Finding Your Purpose with Lara Galinksy. It was an evening full of introspection, discussion, brainstorming, sharing, and I think everyone got a little closer to figuring out what their purpose in life might be. It was so eye-opening and I can’t wait to do another one!

Home for Thanksgiving!!! You guyyssssss… I had way too much fun back in Vegas for Thanksgiving. I had a few days with mom and dad before my best friend Justice flew in for the week, it was the perfect balance of relaxing at home and also doing touristy stuff.

Food + Dranks!
Medi Wine Bar!
This is my fav Hell’s Kitchen spot for Happy Hour because of their $5 Mason Jar Sangrias filled to the brim!

The Dakota Bar! I always walk past this bar on my way to therapy so I thought.. I need to try this one out! My girlfriend and I had some delicious glasses of wine and caught up on all things life, love, and career! Olivia, you’re the best.

The Delancey and The Back Room! Coolest night ever! My friends and I swung by The Delancey to see my friend, Steven, and his band Irresponsible Doug. After their show, we grabbed a cocktail at the coolest speakeasy, The Back Room. We legit walked right past it and didn’t know why we were walking down a residential trash alley… too much fun and we danced the night away until 3am. THE GRANDMAS WERE OUT!

Looking Ahead: I can NOT believe that 2018 is wrapping up so quickly! Why does it always fly by so fast?! I am so excited to be home for the holidays and to ring in the New Year with the ones I love most.


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