A Very Las Vegas Thanksgiving

Finally getting around to recapping my week back home in Vegas! This year, my best friend came to visit my family for Thanksgiving and we had SO MUCH FUN showing her around my hometown. She’s still shocked that I get my haircut in a casino but we had a great time together! 


Dinner + A Show.
For Justice’s first night in Vegas, we headed down to dinner at Lakeside Grill at The Wynn (cannot recommend enough!) for a delicious spread before heading over to the theater for La Reve! I had the salmon and Justice got the steak, so delicious!


Seven Magic Mountains. This has always been on my radar whenever I’m home, but I’ve never had anyone to go with before so I’m so glad we made the drive out into the desert for this. It was relatively crowded at 10:30am but not overwhelmingly so, and we got some really fun shots, I think!

Pro tip: bring wet wipes/napkins/spare shoes before getting back into your car. We kind of destroyed my dad’s car floor with our dusty shoes.

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign. Had to bring her here for the iconic sign, of course. There was a long line of people to get their photos taken directly in front of the sign, but you’re allowed to walk right up to the front to stand off to the side for your own photos. No way in HELL I was going to wait an hour for that..lol sorry Justice.

Neon Museum. Okay, this was my second visit to the Neon Museum, but this go-around was way more educational than the first and it was so interesting to learn about. We also went to the Brilliant exhibition (that’s what it called) after our walking tour and it was just amazing… I felt transported back to old Las Vegas with the music and light shows. This was my favorite part!

Fremont Street Happy Hour. Drinks at The Griffin and dinner at Le Thai for a fun little happy hour. I love the cozy leather couches and fire pits in The Griffin and the Awesome Noodles with Tofu at Le Thai (spicy level 2!!) were mouthwatering, literally, and so delicious.

PKWY Tavern. And of course… had to swing by PKWY to see my high school girlfriends for one night! It’s mostly fun to run into old high school people and catch up for a hot sec, and then it’s also extremely anxiety inducing! hah So happy I got to see my girls, though, missing a few! I obviously didn’t get the black moto jacket memo… blazers for life???


Thanksgiving! We feasted during Thanksgiving lunch with a beautiful menu made my parents, Justice and I. Look how pretty! All we did was relax all day, eat, drink, and go on a walk… and drink some more. It was perfect and we were so happy that Justice was there to share it with us! OFFICIALLY PART OF THE FAMILY!


Haircut at Caesar’s Palace. I showed Justice around Caesar’s Palace before I chopped all my hair off at the salon! I go to Alejandra at COLOR Salon by Michael Boychuk , she is fabulous and I trust her with my hair and I LOVE it! I was definitely a little nervous, but now I feel like a new person. Thanks, Ale!

VGK Hockey Game! There’s no place like The Fortress! Going to VGK games is truly my happy place and I love spending quality time with my Dad and our season ticket family. Justice and Mom were at a watch party near home and they joined us for Saturday’s game. And our college friend, Drew, swung by the house later that night for a drink by the fire pit out back. We laughed so hard all night, I think I actually fell out of my chair at one point.


Another VGK Game! SCORE!!! I am so happy Justice was able to tag along to the second game of the weekend, she had a blast and could finally see why I am so obsessed with our team! Glad we could take her to her first Vegas game!

We had such an incredible week, and I am so grateful for the time I spent with my family. But I am so happy to be back in NY with a regular routine. If I go too long without a schedule I start getting a little stir crazy. Back to the grind for another few weeks before heading back home for Christmas!


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