Date Spots Round 1 // New York City

My friend had the hilarious idea for me to post about all of the spots I’ve been to on dates here in New York City. I laughed at this because, well yeah, that’s hilarious and I never thought I’d actually write this. At first, I was just going to list some places I’ve been to, but that’s boring.  So I’m giving you a little peek into each of the dates, be it the venue, the menu, or the guy.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations as much as I enjoyed most of these dates over the last four years.

ALSO, I have a million things to say about dating (maybe I’ll do another dating post), but what I’ll say right now is that you should absolutely not feel pressured to date if it seems like everyone around you is. Take time to get to know yourself first, and LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. No seriously. If you don’t think you’re fu*king amazing and beautiful and confident, then the person sitting across the table from you isn’t going to treat you that way either.  We’ve all been there, but the kind of love you need to cultivate in your life first is self love.  When you’re ready, you will put yourself out there. I definitely shouldn’t have gone on some of the dates I did when I was younger because I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I don’t regret any of those dates, because I have learned a lot from those experiences, but I know and love myself so much more now and that really influences the decisions I make in my romantic life (and every other part of my life, too)!

Top Notch

SoHo House / Ludlow HouseCozy fireplace vibes and leather couches. Delicious cocktails, and incredible food. Members only. No photos allowed. This is always a fun spot, and my favorite part was the enclosed rooftop bar during the winter. There were big couches, furry blankets, and twinkling lights around the ceiling. It felt like you were in a big fancy very expensive  yurt. My go-to drink here is the SoHo Mule.

The Django. This is one of my FAVS! Again, incredible cocktails. I’ve actually been here twice… different guys, different years. The first time it was a jazz night, the second time it was Latin night! OMG wait no, I’ve been here THREE times, hah! Still different guys, still different years. I spread them out, don’t worry. I always suggest this place because I love it so much and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

The Top of The Standard / Boom Boom RoomThis. Place. Is. Absolutely. Amazing. The Views. The drinks. The Bathrooms. YES THE BATHROOMS ARE AMAZING. If you’ve been, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Get dressed up and live your best life here, you will feel like a star.

Whiskey Park on Central Park South. I think this place is closed now, but I definitely used a fake ID to get in here. Maybe I shouldn’t share that on my blog? I had no idea how to order a cocktail back then (I mean, OBVIOUSLY, I was 20) so I just ordered what he did. A jack and coke. We played some pool with his friend who also showed up with a date (was that planned? also his date was on America’s Next Top Model LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING) and then we went and crashed the rehearsal dinner he was supposed to be at.

Yes, you read that correctly. He was the best man and he was LATE to the dinner because he was on our date! So he told us all to hop in the Uber XL with him so we could go to the dinner. I met the entire family and was taking pictures with the bride & groom.. it was SO RANDOM but SO FUN…aaaand we never saw each other again.

New York Athletic Club. Another members only spot, this one overlooking all of Central Park and Columbus Circle. This might have been date number 5?? 6??? It was so long ago, I barely remember. He’s engaged now anyways (Congrats, P!!!).  I rocked my white Calvin Klein cocktail dress with nude heels and I felt so amazing. He looked very handsome in a suit having just come from work and we had wine on the outdoor terrace at sunset. I was smitten.

Above Average

Ippudo Westside. Best ramen in NYC. Hands down. Enough said. Went on two dates here and was never disappointed. They don’t take reservations so put your names down and go have a drink somewhere to kill time.

Le Pecora Bianca. This was a brunch date. Well… “not a date” but felt like one. You know? When you can’t stop talking and laughing and the conversation just flows and there’s definitely tension and eye contact there? Yeah. You know. Amazing food and yummy mimosas. Beautiful aesthetic and great neighborhood!

Bluewater Grill.  Delicious salmon dinner and great cocktail options! I love the inside of this restaurant, it’s so pretty with high ceilings and really cool light fixtures (I’m a sucker for light fixtures).

The Library at The Nomad Hotel. So you need reservations for this one, but I totally sweet talked the host and got us a table. My date was impressed, but I was more impressed with myself, hah! This library lounge is SO COZY and cute. Best cocktails ever, very intimate space in a stunning location.

Bea. I love this place so much. It’s a pretty low key spot in the theatre district, so its perfect for pre or post show drinks and bites.  I love their cocktail menu and the decor inside is awesome. Really cool vibes.

The Press Lounge. Okay not going to lie… One guy took me here for a date and then months and months later, I took a different guy here for another date because THE VIEWS ARE JUST INCREDIBLE! I was so impressed with the venue, I had to go again! If both of you guys are reading this……. lol um……. sup? đŸ™‚

Buceo 95. Delicious tapas and wine venue on the UWS! This was a really lovely first date spot. Low key setting, incredible food, and the staff was so kind and welcoming.

The Red Cat. Great dinner spot in Chelsea before a movie at CinĂ©polis! I got the salmon, he spilled a drink on himself. Well technically, there was a tiny hole in his glass. He recovered gracefully and with a laugh, it was cute.

Pizzeria Sirenetta. Pizza is the way to my heart. Another little gem on the UWS, this was a great spot for dinner! Amsterdam from 76th to 96th is such a great stretch of hole in the wall bars and restaurants. We got a couple of drinks a few blocks down while we waited for our reservation time! A wonderful way to visit a few places in one night! (If the date is going well, obvi)

Low Key

The Ginger ManTHIS WAS MY FIRST EVER DATE SPOT IN NYC! Yes, I was 20. Yes, I used my fake ID. Yes, I should probably stop saying that on here. Great spot for beers, cool leather lounge couches in the back. This guy was really cute and tall but… was definitely giving off weird sexual vibes by the end of the date that I was not into.

General rule of thumb: try and steer clear of midtown. It’s just gross and crowded and did I say it was gross?

The Half Pint. Another little pub date, very cozy low-key spot in Greenwich Village. This guy was in med school, but could not carry on a normal conversation for the life of him. He also kept shitting on people who went to military academies because he was *in the reserves* even though I just told him that my dad went to the Air Force Academy. I told him I had to go finish writing a paper for school. Thank u, next.

McSorley’s Old Ale House. This was the very first Irish pub in NYC! Ever since I came back from study abroad in Dublin, I really wanted to go here… So when I matched with an Irishman on Tinder I seized the opportunity! This pub only has 2 kinds of ale to choose from: light or dark! Very authentic feel to it and it’s usually packed with folks from Ireland.

E’s BarReally cool retro-grungy bar on the UWS. Always packed with people in the fun kind of way, great spot for laid back conversation and beers.

West End Hall. I love this big open space and the menu is solid. I think they also have an outdoor space out back that I’d love to go visit one of these days. I highly recommend splitting the nachos, and if you’re both into sports this is a great spot to watch your games together.

Amsterdam Ale House. Oh god, what a doorknob this guy was. Tall hot firefighter but getting him to talk was like pulling teeth. I was basically interviewing him all night and THAT IS NOT HOW DATES ARE SUPPOSED TO GO, FELLAS! Chill pub on the UWS, nothing noteworthy, but an easy meet up point.

Amity Hall. Another fun bar uptown for drinks and dinner bites. Always a good crowd of 20-30 somethings. Lots of tv’s for your favorite sports teams, as well.

Ice Breakers

Comedy CellarI can’t recommend this one enough!!! Even if you’re not going on a date, you NEED TO GO if you are ever in NY. This was a first date spot, and I was a little nervous that we weren’t going to be able to talk for that first hour but we were laughing so hard all night and I think that really helped us open up a bit more.

UCB. Similarly, you can catch a UCB show if you’re on a budget! I mean, you should go, regardless, because some of these groups are absolutely amazing. I love the young artistic crowds that are at these shows. Grab your $5 house wine or beer at the bar, grab your seat, and you’ll definitely make some new friends.

Spin. No, not spin class. This is an underground ping pong bar just south of Madison Square Park! Another amazing venue! I get super competitive with…. well, anything in life…so it was fun/also frustrating to play against someone who was really good at ping pong. But he had some good pointers for me and we had a great time!

Sporting Events. If you both love sports, GO TO A LIVE GAME IN THE CITY! There’s no better way to bond with someone than by screaming expletives against a team you both hate…or are at least rooting against. Get me a few beers and some fries and I am a happy girl.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ve been laying low from dating the last few months and I am loving the time that I have to myself. Sometimes (a lot of the time) dating can be so exhausting and discouraging, but it shouldn’t be! If there’s a connection then it should be easy and enjoyable and healthy. Never ever ever feel bad if you just don’t feel it. You can’t force yourself to like someone, just be honest and try not to ghost them… no one likes to be ghosted.

Until next time,


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