Setting Intentions for 2019

Over the years, my New Year’s resolutions have evolved from things like — “I will get really fit this year” and “I will eat healthier” to “I will spend more time with myself” and “I will say no to things that do not bring me joy”.

Instead of “making resolutions,” I now like to say that I am setting intentions. Setting intentions has been a huge part of this last year for me as far as growing personally, challenging myself, and sticking to my guns.

I take time towards the end of December (I actually started this process the first weekend of the month) to sit  down and really look over my 2018 in review. What did I learn? What do I want to work on more? How have I grown in all of the areas of my life?

There is a plethora of resources online to help you evaluate these things on your own if you just google things like “how to set intentions”. Below I’ve shared my own prompts that help me take a look at my year.

I encourage you to clear a space in your room, maybe its your desk, your bed, or maybe its on a yoga mat. A place where you feel most comfortable and at ease, there is no right way to do it. Light some candles, open your curtains to let the sunlight in, and crack open your journal. Just sit with yourself. Be honest with yourself, but most of all be kind to yourself. And see what intentions make their way onto the page.


– What key lessons did I learn in 2018?
– What do I want to focus more on in 2019?
– What routine can I set that will help me focus on those things?
– What am I still afraid of? And what is holding me back?
– What are my non-negotiables? In life, in love, in work, etc.
– What am I going to let go of?
– What makes me feel amazing?
– What are the craziest goals I can think of? Do they scare me/sound insane? Do I want to make these happen? How can I do that?
– What bad habits can I let go of? How can I nourish myself and my life and cultivate healthier habits in 2019?
– Where is my comfort zone? How can I step out of it every once in a while?

I am so proud of all that I have accomplished in 2018. This was a year of growth in all areas of my life, and although some of these months felt like a roller coaster of emotions, all of these experiences have brought me exactly where I am meant to be.

My 2019 Intentions

In 2019, I will not live in fear or worry or stress, because it does absolutely nothing for me. Every morning, I will continue to remind myself that “something wonderful will happen today,” and I will be open to the unexpected. I will trust myself and my intuition and I will remind myself of my worth, because too often I let others’ opinions and voices point me in any one direction. I will be unapologetically myself and I will encourage others to do the same. Less Fucks. I will give less fucks this year. Not in the lazy way, but in the “I already worry about too many things, I don’t need to give a fuck about this unimportant thing, too.” I will remain light, ready for the next adventure, the next lesson. And I will not chase love. I will let it find me in a myriad of ways. 

I don’t know what’s coming in 2019, but I know it’s going to be good. 

My 2019 Mantras

Mantras are little sayings I can always come back to and repeat when I need a little reminder or two. After reviewing this last year, here are the mantras that I will take with me into 2019.


I don’t need a partner, a lover, or a boyfriend to make myself happy.

I am whole on my own, and I am in charge of my happiness. Only I am responsible for that.

I know I am able to step out of my comfort zone, and I should do it more often.

Don’t live in fear. Trust that you will be taken care of.

Saying yes to things that scare me wakes up my soul.

Open your wings and trust that you will fly. If you fall, get back up and try it again.

“No” is a beautiful word. Learn to love it.

Saying yes to myself or yes to whatever path may show itself to me is more important than saying yes to the things or people that do not serve my highest good. Say yes to joy.

Dream bigger. You are not small.


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. This year is going to bring so much abundance for us all, just remember to keep the right mindset and trust in your own journey.. We’re all on different paths, you have all that you need right inside of you. So let it rip!!!



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