Itinerary // Nashville, TN

Hey y’all! YUP. I SAID IT…Y’ALL! This past Memorial Day Weekend, my girlfriend Kristina and I made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and HAD THE BEST TIME EVER. It was our first time visiting this amazing city and we basically ate, drank, and scooter-ed our way around all weekend. Thank you so much, Matt, for hosting us!!!!

Here’s what we got into!


Airfare. We scored round trip airfare for $319 with United Airlines and this was actually my first time traveling through Newark International Airport! Only took us an hour to get there from midtown via NJ Transit then the AirTrain! We got into Nashville late Friday night after work and flew back to NYC early on Tuesday morning before heading back into the office (kill me). For a holiday weekend in a popular city, the airfare prices were getting up to $500/$600 round trip, so I’m really happy with the $319!

** I use the Hopper app to track all of my vacation flights and I have always gotten really great deals!

Housing. Matt was so wonderful to host Kristina and I at his new HOUSE which was just a 5 minute Lyft from downtown. This modern home (w/ rooftop deck!) was the perfect little haven for us and I am still wondering why I live in NYC…???

Getting Around Town. Downtown is very walkable and our Lyft rides were never longer than 10 minutes, but my favorite mode of transpo all weekend was the Bird scooters!!!! Seriously the best. It was terrifying but also exhilarating, and it was super simple to use! Just download the Bird app, put a card on file, and scooter off! I think our 10 min rides across town came out to $3!


Milk & Honey.
Ain’t nothin’ like some southern biscuits and jam to start the day! Loved this spot and killed time at the bar while we waited an hour and a half for our table, hah! I *highly* recommend the blueberry mojito.. like wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Ok but for real, wait times for breakfast are no joke so get there early to put your name down.

** Couldn’t make it to Biscuit Love / I refused to stand in the sun and wait 2 hours for a table, but everyone highly recommends it!

Y’ALL. GET UR ASSES TO GEIST AND ORDER THE BACON JAM YOU WON’T REGRET IT. This spread truly changed my life…. baked brie melted onto some bacon bits and mystery flavors, paired with the perfect slices of sourdough. We were speechless after eating this dish, I can’t even describe it to you. Also look how cute and rustic this space is! The property is a stunning renovation of one of the city’s oldest buildings and used to a blacksmith shop!

Liberty Common.
French bistro meets Southern hospitality! This is the cutest little brunch spot along Riverfront Park and I was just blown away by the interior design. Look at all this natural light, bright whites, and splashes of color. I’m in love. Kristina, Matt, and I ordered a couple of entrees and apps to share!

Union Common.
Romantic and swanky steakhouse with incredible entrees and wines. There was even a live jazz band playing! Kristina and I got The “Union Rock” Burger and we were dreaming about it the next day. Matt opted for the Filet Mignon and I’m pretty sure he was dreaming about it, too. We split a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and we couldn’t have been happier.

Zaxby’s Chicken.
We accidentally waited until Memorial Day to go get some famous Hattie B’s hot chicken, but they were closed… *womp* So we got some Zaxby’s which is extremely similar to Raising Cane’s!! Will definitely have to make a return trip for the famous hot chicken.


Rare Bird at The Noelle Hotel.
A lot cuter in the website photos than it was in person, BUT our group of 6 snagged our own little seating area which was really nice! Well… the girls got seats and the guys stood, but whatever xo

Super cute rooftop bar complete with cozy lounge sofas inside and pool and cabanas outside! Enjoyed the perfect afternoon mojito here while we game planned our evening shenanigans!

Bobby Hotel.
Ok first of all… This boutique hotel lobby was JAW DROPPING. Give me cascading chandeliers, patterned tile floors, swanky leather couches, a massive curved staircase and color me impressed. It was amazing. Anyways… THE ROOFTOP WAS THE BEST PART. I didn’t take many pics of the venue because I was just enjoying it too much, but there was a full sized bus cut open to people could lounge inside and drink, there was also a pool, and in the back a turf lawn/cabanas/campfire-style-seating/games/and full on Airstream mobile home. I have never seen a rooftop like this, I cannot recommend enough.

Kung Fu Saloon.
Who doesn’t love beer and arcade games! So many game options here, both inside and out, and a really fun vibe. Also a photo booth! And see saws! And just a head’s up… the games are free on Sunday! We got $20 worth of quarters before we realized that, though haha

LA Jackson.
Ok looooovvveee this swanky bar, I mean look at those accented walls and lights! We snagged some shaded seats on the patio under a big beautiful tree and sipped frose to our heart’s desire.


We did one day on Broadway and that was enough for us! We hit a couple of bars in the afternoon and a couple later that night. Being from Manhattan, Kristina and I were totally fine to skip the crowded streets. But I will say… it wasn’t sloppy and gross at all (like I was expecting because I’m from NYC), everyone walking around there was in great spirits and genuinely having a great time. It was really cool!

Kid Rock’s.
This 5 story honky tonk haven is hard to miss. Full of people and music blasting out of the garage style windows! We just popped in for a couple of songs, but what we loved about this space is that when you walk into the bar, you are in what feels like a concert pit, looking up at the bands on stage.

FGL House.
I actually do know a couple of songs from Florida Georgia Line, so it was cool to pop into their bar downtown. We enjoyed cold bevs on the outdoor patio and popped inside for some more live music. THE FROZEN VODKA LEMONADE ROCKED MY WORLD..especially on a 94 degree day.

Acme Feed and Seed.
Okay basically everything on Broadway is at least 4 stories tall, haha. Another large venue with live music and rooftop views! We scarfed down some burgers here one night and danced under the lazer lights on the roof!

Ole Red.
This is Blake Shelton’s bar and was really fun! The band on the ground floor was taking forever to set up, unfortunately, so we headed to the roof where the lovliest singer (I forgot his name) was doing amazing acoustic covers. Look at this view from the roof! Kristina and I ordered a couple of Bad Decisions at the bar and they were delicious (and really fun to order).


Pinewood Social.
This was already all over my insta, but can you blame me? It’s SO FREAKING CUTE. I’ve never seen a cuter bowling alley and was so happy that Matt and Kristina wanted to play a couple of games! Shout out to Chris with the man-bun and glasses, he was the best server with impeccable drink recs! City of Churches was the cocktail I never knew I needed.

Bird Scooters.
I knew there was a chance that we’d be scootering around town, but I was still so nervous to do it! But once I got the hang of it, IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I’ve never been so simultaneously terrified and overjoyed. I felt like I was flying and am so happy we did it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this but most of all I hope y’all get to Nashville one day!

And since you’ve made it this far…

My southern alter ego, Scarlette Montgomery, gave a home tour for MTV CRIBS so I’d like to publicly embarrass myself on the internet by presenting you with this completely raw, unedited, unrehearsed, fully improv’d footage my friends and I put together.


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