Date Spots Round 3 // New York City

LOL this post has been sitting in my drafts for months now since I’ve taken a much-needed break from dating, but I still want to share it, so here it is!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and having fun! If you missed Round 1 or Round 2, take a look! x


The Spaniard.
Ok so this isn’t really a date spot for couples, rather an amazing spot for singles, hah! Plan a night out with your girlfriends or *bros* and get ready to mingle! This was where my friend and I went for Valentine’s Day this year (lol) and let me tell you…. What a success. Shout out to Jenny Kaplan for the recommendation.

Dear Irving Gramercy.
OK THIS PLACE IS THE FREAKING CUTEST AND COZIEST DATE SPOT WITH COUCHES AND LOUNGE CHAIRS AND DIM LIGHTS AND CHANDELIER CURTAINS AND A MARIE ANTOINETTE-TYPE ROOM IN THE BACK. Ok I’m done yelling. For real though, this would be a great double/triple date spot because of it’s lounge layout..let’s all get some dates and go together! Drinks are on the pricier end but so. f**king. delicious. My girlfriends and I had a great time here on a recent ladies night!

Tanner Smith’s.
Lively spot for a post-work happy hour if you’re in/around Midtown. Really yummy cocktails and small bites, and there’s a basement bar if the upstairs is too packed, but was a great spot for my girlfriend and I to catch up at. The Dropkick Mule was uh-mah-zing.

Vanguard Wine Bar.
Love this place so much! UWS wine bar with a gorgeous interior, lots of space, and an incredible selection of wines. Great happy hour spot with friends and dates, alike.

Pegu Club.
Upscale lounge with craft cocktails in SoHo! There’s a bar section in the back but if you get there at a decent time (around 8p) you can snag a couch / lounge chair by candle light. Super cute.

Bar Veloce.
Fellas…. you can never go wrong with a wine bar. Always a safe bet. Always a good idea. My date and I enjoyed some wine and split a delicious panini. We even made friends with our bartender and the couple next to us! It was a super fun night.

The Bar Room at The Beekman Hotel.
Major library vibes with a massive 9 floor atrium looking up into the center of the hotel lobby, dimly lit couches and chairs, delicious drinks. This bar has been on my list for a while now, but is SO FAR DOWNTOWN in the Financial District. We had dinner around the corner so I’m glad I was finally able to pop in and enjoy a drink!

City Vineyards.
Super cute spot on the Hudson with a large upstairs terrace looking up at the city and down on the water. We scarfed down some incredible hamburgers and split of bottle of suave blanc, could not have been better.

Feed Me.

El Centro.
This Hell’s Kitchen spot serves some incredible Mexican food, delicious sangria and margs, and all the chips and salsa. I love how convenient this location is and you can always pop into another bar along 9th Ave if you’re feeling adventurous after dinner, so many options nearby! I’ve had so many girlfriend dates here, and it’s a bonus if the weather is nice and you can sit outside!

** It does get pretty busy here, so one of you should show up 10 – 15min early to put your name down! Wait time is anywhere from 20 – 60min depending on when you go!

More mexican food! Really classy Mexican food! Some of the best margaritas I’ve had in the city and incredible guac. Always gotta get the guac… I got the wild mushroom quesadilla and I think my date got the short rib tacos. We were very pleased!

** Also gets very busy, make sure to make a reservation!

Industry Kitchen.
This industrial-chic glass box restaurant on South Street specializes in amazing wood fired flat breads, so we split the bacon sweet potato flatbread (it was huge) and a bottle of wine. My favorite part was looking out the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and seeing the boats go by on the water and the Brooklyn lights twinkling in the background.

Villa Berulia.
Best tortellini in light cream bolognese sauce that I’ve ever had in my young life! We were definitely the youngest ones in there by like…. 20 years, haha. But the food was amazing!


Pier 25 Mini Golf.
Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? This was my first time here (I KNOW, I’ve lived here for almost 7 years and finally did this) and it was so much fun!! The sun was setting, the weather was perfect, the people in front of us were super nice and we all cheered each other on… I got 3 holes in one, nbd, but my date apparently won by 1 stroke… even though he forgot to log like two of them? So I really think I might have won…? Maybe?

Moxy Downtown.
This is actually a hotel, but the 3rd floor bar/restaurant/arcade/half court is open to the public and is such a hidden gem! My date and I crushed a few Busy Bee cocktails, shot some 3 pointers on the court, and were low key super competitive over some ski-ball, Connect 4, and shuffleboard. It was a blast.

Aaaaaand that’s all folks! Thanks for reading! x


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